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Get Adobe Flash player Elijah Barrett uses his workplace to access the System's Cyber-Limbo in order to save lives ... any way he can.
Get Adobe Flash player Eli submits to the Dream Parlor for the first time ... and at last he understands the Parlor's mass appeal. Finally, Eli meets his Dream Woman.
Get Adobe Flash player Eli ponders the side-effects his Dream Parlor visits are having on him ... but he has no idea how much worse the effects have been on his friend, Dana.
Get Adobe Flash player The callous Dr. Corbit bemoans his latest failure ... even as he stands over the gory mess of his latest experiment.
Get Adobe Flash player Eli's friend, Jacob, is being used as bait to draw Eli out of hiding. Eli knows it's a trap ... but he still charges to the rescue.
Get Adobe Flash player Susan attempts to access the Dream Parlor through Dr. Corbit's personal office ... and encounters an artificial intelligence unlike any she has ever before seen.