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About the Author
About the Author

Christopher Andrews has been writing since the age of seven. While attending the University of Oklahoma, he completed two novels, the science-fiction Refuge Among the Stars (1989) and the psychological ghost story The Blue Man (1991), and a series of short stories: “Thirst,” “Country Music,” “Big Little Brother,” “Suicide is Painless,” “Justice,” “Your Command Is My Wish,” “Mistake,” and “Game Reincarnate” (all 1991). From 1991 to 1992, he wrote film reviews for the Oklahoma Associated Press. In 1992, he co-created and wrote the premiere issue of the comic book “The Triumvirate.” That same year, he sold his screenplay adaptation of his own “Thirst” to RF Video Productions.

In May of 1992, Christopher received a Bachelors Degree in Theatre and traveled to California to pursue a career in acting – and he continued to write. In 1994, he co-plotted, scripted, and edited the premiere and two subsequent issues of the Derek Lipscomb comic book, The Golden Scarab, for Sharp Eye Graphix.

In 1995, Christopher co-wrote the science-fiction, feature-length screenplay, “Dream Parlor,” with director Jonathan Lawrence. In 1999, he completed and published his third novel, the supernatural thriller Pandora’s Game, and starred in the “Dream Parlor” movie, produced by Timeless Entertainment and currently touring the film-festival circuit. In 2000, he completed and published his fourth novel, Dream Parlor, the novelization of the film. And in 2002, he completed and published his fifth novel, the science-fiction Paranormals.

Today, Christopher is working on Prince of Denmark, a novelization of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and Of Wolf And Man, his sequel to Pandora’s Game. He has been signing autographs at bookstores throughout Southern California and in Oklahoma since October, 2001. Timeless Entertainment is also considering a screen adaptation of Pandora's Game for its next film project.